German Genealogy Tips: Identifying Your Ancestor’s Place of Origin in the Rhineland, Part 1

If your family comes from the Rhine River Valley, it’s likely that locating the right area of origin will be complicated. However, with the right tools and know-how, and a basic knowledge of German territorial history, you can easily learn to read between the lines anytime you come across potential places of origin in records.

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The Rheinland American: First Voyage

The Rheinland American is a space in which those interested in the genealogical and cultural history of Rhineland emigrants can find the information and historical context they seek, or in the least, find a new lens through which they might examine their family history. On a regular basis, I will publish posts and short essays to do with the particular section of German America that Rhinelanders occupy: from helpful tips for navigating German-language records to essays on German-American cultural topics, this site is meant to expand what German-American genealogy might mean in the Digital Age.

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